Saturday, December 29, 2007

Faces of Alexandria [Part 2]

Here are some other shots taken by lomo camera.
Since it's a lomo post, so let's talk lomo. :P
So here are my horizon shots. Only 2 city shots, haha!

And these are taken by LCA+ with Fuji400.

Horses and donkeys are still widely used in all the town in Egypt.

Poor sheeps, Egyptians celebrate Hari Haji in a grand way.
So, sheeps are fed so well for the sacrifice ceremony on that day.

Again, traffic jam. As you can see, this street is L-O-N-G-------!!!

No problem to live there.

Hello from a stranger. I will tell you more about the modern Egyptians.

The only double shot in this trip I guess, Haha..

I didn't say that there has no big buildings, but there are just too many to shoot.

Qait Bay of Alexandria.
This is the best place to shoot good pictures that actually represent Alexandria.

Shoes polishing! Horse Carriage!!
The person which loosen tie is not arguing with the handsome man.
This is simply the way they talk to each other.
The angry look person, he is our best bus driver.
The handsome man, he is our tour best operator.

*More coming up soon*

Faces of Alexandria [Part 1]

These are what I saw when we arrived in Alexandria, and I shots everything which are different from my hometown.
Most shots are taken in the bus during a journey to a location.
So, let the pictures talk to you.

Lots of them are not very rich, I mean not rich at all.

I'm telling you seriously, that these flats are built just like that in the middle of the highway with nothing at all around them, just desert!

Here we are, almost reaching the city of Alexandria. Any cars that painted black and yellow in colour, they are the taxi.
See the dirty road after rain? 2 explanations take place, Alexandria is Egypt's Largest port and second largest city.
Do not forget that Egypt plays huge market of petroleum production in the world.

Here are some shots of various buildings within Alexandria City.

As usual, some are nice, some are not. Some even looks unfinished or really unfinished, with tenants staying in there.

Street... The trams, cars, buses or lorries, people, all in one lane.
Small street business is how they earn for their living.
No doubt at all, not for the publicity nor the polices.

Still there are beautiful places and tourist attraction. This is the memorial for all the unknown brave soldiers of Egypt.

Alexandria famous bay.

Some night shots in the city.
Traffic is jammed for almost 24hours in Alexandria City as every Egyptians will say.
But, only for the way back in the city.

Dinner time!
I believe that best fishes or seafoods can only be served in Alexandria.
Because it's the nearest to the sea.

*More coming up soon*

Going to Egypt

First of all, sorry for the delay everyone. However, D1 is right about his point :"bad side about film photography is that you won't get to see your picture right away like digital, because you need time for processing, and specially when you do the scanning yourself, it just takes more time ..." So, hope everyone understand why am I so late.

These are the films I brought them all the way to Egypt, but I still couldn't finish them all because they were still too many to me.

This is Dubai, we still had a 4 hours flight to Alexandria, Egypt.

And we had to wait for 4 hours for the transit.

Then finally, we were here. As you can see, no trees, no nothing, just cracked runway airport and sands. You could just see through all the way till the end.
And this is Alexandria, Egypt.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm back... From the Wonderful Egypt

I've been gone for a while,
But now I'm back from a really beautiful place, Egypt.
Of course, will be telling lots of story about that country,
And posting lots of photos of the historical Egypt.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

LCA+ Wide Angle Lens

Before I update more story about the recent hotest event in Malaysia Lomo community, I would really want to introduce everbody, lomo or non-lomographer, photographer or non-photographer; this is the LCA+ Wide Angle Lens!

*Pictures grabbed from
You order this now or soon, you'll get a free LCA+ Splitzer.
But can you resist this?
Let's take a look at what the lens can do!

*Pictures grabbed from
Isn't it much wider? It's 120° this time.

*Pictures grabbed from
The DOF is still powerful and beautiful.

*Pictures grabbed from
Even you just shoot during dark in door scenes.
Together with the colorflash.

*Pictures grabbed from
It's all about wide LCA+ right now!
Visit more more more fasinating information that poison you.

There has more that I've just told you all above! LOMO~~~!