Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Congratulations to ChinHong & Luna; 20th June 2009



Crazierst Night


Yup, I guess the pictures had already explained it all.
It was their big big day on the 20th June 2009.
Once again,
Congratulations Chin Hong & Luna.
May both of you will be as cheerful as always,
And may you will produce a next generation soon!

Thanks for inviting and we really had the best wedding dinner ever,
It was really the craziest night ever, you're da man, HONG~!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Her name is Tan,
As known as Wanita Tan.
What is so special about her?
She did Backside Unity to Nugen to Acid Grind solidly.
She is Malaysian,
Any news rollerbladers now???

Check out her rollerblading skill, she is good.

WanitaTan Short Box Edit from B-Inc.Pictures.de.vu on Vimeo.

No, nope... she is not Malaysian,
I know most of you already decided to start rollerblading before this point.
But she is not Malaysian, I was just kidding with you all.
She is German, lives in West Germany, Frankfurt.
21 years old, and her full name is
Sarah Wanita Bernart.

Check this out for more information:

Sourced from:
BelieveInOne.com & KJRollers.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back from beautiful Langkawi

Just for a small sharing here,
I'm just back from Langkawi Island after 3 days and 2 nights work,
In Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa Hotel.
It was different this time,
Because I get to stay in this Hotel,
And it was super amazing~!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sanjit was SHOCKED by DamienWilson's Xsjado

A long time professional photographer, Mr. Sanjit.
Appeared in KJ home rolling location on 1st June 2009.
Apparently a special photo session there.

Started with setting up his tripod and flash,
Advising and recommending angles and tricks to shoot.

Then Rav came after 5-minutes' time,
Holding a pair of Damien Wilson's Pro model Xsjado skates,

And here goes a rough dialogue from them:
"Hello Dear... ... how're you?"
"Fine, how are you doing there?"
"I'm alright... ..."
"Look what I have here."
"Oh.. hmm..."
"They're YOURS~!!!"
"Oh.. hmm... ... ... ...HUH?!?!??!?!? WHAT?!?!??!"

"I don't know what to say, but.. erm.. I... erm...."

I'm sure that it was a SHOCKING night for Sanjit.
Been wanting to get a pair of skates for long time,
And Rav just surprised him that night so his wish just came true.

For no reason and for no other words,
He was too happy to say nothing at all that night.
He stripped the skates and rolled the KJ park,
Whacked his first trick of Negative Miszou~!!!

What do you guys expect now???
The Legendary Plasticman is back~!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A little skating photo session and... ; Taiping Day 2

Ed made a huge 540 over 4 Rollabout kids!!!

Yes, you can possibly expect a little skating photos in today's post.
Here are some skating pictures taken during Day 2.
Hope you guys enjoy viewing!






Day 2 was a bit sunnier than Day 1.
After photo session...
We were still not satisfy with yesterday failure to enjoy the jungle 'water'.
So the excuse was
"It so damn hot today, let's go to the waterfall!!!"
Good idea!

... ...

Rollabout took skating as just a small part in the itinerary this time.

This is not necessary for a 3ft depth water,
But Syam's Misty Flip was impressive!!!


Once again, our wish of the day came true smoothly,
And then everybody was happy!!!
Nothing could stop us for what we are going for,
We've got what we wanted, the cold cold water,
Seriously, freezing cold, Haha!



Are we done playing with the waterfall?

Let's go back to the park for the prize giving ceremony.

Once again,
Congratulations to all winners~!!!
And big thanks go to Syam and Memen,
For treating the best Nasi Briyani that filled our lunch hunger.
To Penang gang,
I hope you guys enjoy the Taiping Zoo too,
Was it Kwen's treat? Hehe!

Alright, that's all of Taiping skating trip.
Thanks to Edosh for organizing such a 'gempak' roadtrip.

It was really an amazing skating trip.
Taiping is really mind-blowing,
We love the waterfall, the Night Safari, the KueyTiaw Goreng, etc.
I could say that the skatepark is nice with good flow to run about.

Goodbye Taiping,
We're definitely coming back again.