Friday, February 29, 2008

子德芬芳 东禅寺一游


Monday, February 25, 2008

Chinese New Year at Sukeats House [ Part 2 ]

Part 2, is showing how lovely and how crazy the wheel love members are.

Yeng and Sukeats always knows how to pose in front of a lomo camera.
Very natural buddy!

Here we have Bala waiting for his yummy lamb chop to be served from his girlfriend.

A lot of delicious food and look at Adeline and Yeng trying up the chicken wings.

Chern and Sukeats prepared the Yee Sang.
Looks sweet and yummy and crunchy.

And "LO", "LO", "LO", LO YEE SANG!!!
This was my 1st multi-cultured Lo Yee Sang session.
So rollers,
Made a wish to be a pro skater this year, Haha!

Continued BBQ after finished our Yee Sang,
It was a mess after all, but was really nice. =)

Yeng taking pictures of everyone together with that bottle,
For no reason?

Enjoying ya, Naz?

And what was Chern staring at while eating her chicken wing?

We had a special haircut demonstration too,
Model = Adeline; Stylist = Wei Yeng.
He did a good job though, his gf felt really happy after that.

They are really a happy couple! Excellent smiles on camera!

Sukeats and Chia Chern... Hmmm... what should I say here?
They are really good to each other,
But when I asked a question to them individually,
It was always the same answer:
"There are a lot of complicated things that you don't understand, Hooi."

Lola joined us too.

Air gun shooting contest.
Chern looks really professional, and she actually is.

But this this guy, Bala...
Did something not so gentlemen that night.

Hey, good trick on my camera friend,
This is a very nice effect you've made.

Oh yea...
Sitting beside Sukeats and ended up sucking all his funds.
Happy Chinese New Year, Wheel Lovers!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

VIP Invitation at Sukeats House

During the 5th day Chinese New Year,
We were at Sukeats house having a CNY BBQ gathering party.
I call it the VIP Invitation just simply because,
There were not many of us, so it just looked like a VIP invitation.

One thing I love about the Horizon Camera is because it could get everyone in frame no matter where a person stands.

Bala showing off his New Year belt buckle.

Yeng ready to give a free haircut to Adeline.

After too much good food and good drink and good snacks,
There goes the chit chatting time.
We had a really good time that night,
It was quite tiring too for moving a heavy table, Hehe!
Anyway, Thanks to Sukeats for the invitation.
The food are all good!

Friday, February 22, 2008

DickChua's Sharing During Chinese New Year

During Chinese New Year, Dick has shared with us his Cheki Instant Camera.
One special thing that this camera will do is,
Producing the best true colours in a picture.

And I believe that the colours will stay for ages too.
Thanks for sharing, Dick.
Check out more at D1Production, as there will be more Cheki's.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hometown Is Lovely

Second day of Chinese New Year,
As usual, we would definitely go to the Sleeping Buddha,
To "visit" my grandfather and my grand grandmother.
It was the best place to come during every Chinese New Year,
Because I really miss my grandfather all the time,
And it would be only ONCE in a year.

So this is the famous Sleeping Buddha of Kelantan,
Somewhere you must go and have a look someday.

I knew that this could probably be my last constant visit here,
because my grandma is moving in to Subang to stay with us.
Therefore, I snapped everything that caught my feeling hurt.

Although I still can visit my hometown on and off at anytime,
But still not anytime, and it won't be a family trip back anymore.
I am gonna miss my hometown a lot.

One of a Kelantanese favorite meal,
is called "KaoJamm Buddu"
Those who knows and loves it, will not leave a single rice on the plate.
Those who doesn't, will name it "Grass Rice" with "Rotten Sauce".

Mom's sisters, all aunties!!!

PeiSan on the left and Sheng on the right,
Sister and Brother forever!

After that was Xiong's house visit...

Xiong, second from left,
One who fancies taking photos too, and fortunately...
We got him the lomo poison that day,
And I supposed he has just bought an LCA+ RL recently.

He took us the a location where he finds it really amazing
to have a photo-session there.
Here are some shots during the session:

Kampung is still kampung,
My love my kampung in this way.

And some other shots of Places I used to past by many many times.

Yes, kampung is kampung.
When everyone gets together, that is Balik Kampung.

Happy Chinese New Year 2008!