Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Yup, I know it's very very late to share these photos,
But happiness only real when it's shared, right?
So here are my Chinese 牛 Year 2009 photos.

Nothing much really happening in this Chinese New Year,
Still doing like the same way,
We arrived Kota Bharu, and we had Reunion Dinner.


However, I still got to say it was really really good to see everybody together.
We celebrated our 1st day of Chinese New Year in my aunt's house this time.
Oh ya, there is one thing different this year.
We have one more baby sitting in 大嫂's stomach, haha!

Visiting to Mom's side, sisters and sisters only indeed.
Again I see many cousins grow from babies to kids, from kids to teenagers.
From teenagers to adults.


Once in a while and once again, we visited my grandpa's sister in Seremban.
They told us many past story about my grandpa and I was real amazed
By how much talented my family was in Kota Bharu last time.

Back to Kuala Lumpur, I had a final Chinese New Year gathering party with my Lomofriends.
Thanks to Dominic sincere invitation, Damien is a great kid.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ˈHapē ˈValənˌtīn Dāy 2009

This is how we celebrated our Valentine's Day,
This is our Valentine's gift for each other,
This is a very special day for me and her,
This is once again our lovely day to remember.

Friday, February 13, 2009

That Crazy One Night

So , it was all happening during the New Year eve back in 31st December 2008.
In DickWoei's place, where all the old kampung friends were invited,
Plus some newer big city friends...
To have a port luck New Year eve countdown party.

We had Kajang Satay, We had KFC,
We had Tomyam Beehoon, We had FeiLou LokLok,
We even had Big Apple Donuts and lots of other junk food.
Everybody was starving but cameras were first to took all the food before us.

As time passing by,
Ticking and tacking through the clock,
We watched movie and we start talking jokes,
I started wasting films then.

Apparently, we were still waiting for the arrival of few more special guests,
At the same time,
Waiting for the moment of 11:59:50 for the 10, 9, 8... ...

So nobody reallly bothering watching the movie that played on the TV screen,
We just love to see the Horizon rotates its lens, Haha~!!!

Then it was time for Gary to release the shutter,
Gary is the one on the most right, he pressed the shutter and he walked slowly to his position,
But half way through, he realized that he was short of time, but he still needed to be still,
So there he is, posing with his half lower body only... ...

OK, that wasn't funny yet,
Again... ...
Gary is the one on the most right, he pressed the shutter and he walked slowly to his position,
But half way through, he realized that he was short of time, but he still needed to be still,
So he jumped quickly on the sofa, then posing with no time turning and faced the camera.

Since the special guests were still on the way,
We did Boxing sport with Wii,
Freaking tired, more tiring than I expected.

Yup, here we have the arrival of Xiong and Hong and Hiong's Sister.
It was also a surprise early birthday party of the big boss DickWoei,
With his favorite jelly cake.

It was a crazy time after 00:00, 2009.
Xiong brought us a special "Orange Juice",
We accidentally finished everything quicker than our imagination.
Xiong ended up with speechless night and puffy face first,
Others were acting cool, but had a drumming heart beat individually.

It was a crazy night,
5am if not mistaken.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nimh presents; Tien Nguyen

2 Days with Tien Nguyen Nimh Edit from Rat Tail Army on Vimeo.

Nimh presents,
Tien Nguyen, he has only one arm;
But he skates like he has got wings all the time.
I salute to him, and I am not even as good as him.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Arrival of Valo AB.1; Alex Broskow

It was a great shocking Wednesday, a week before Chinese New Year.
I was feeling so down after work, and was really stressful.
But thing changed in a snap when I reached home,
Entered my room and saw this package on the floor.

Haha!!! Whooooohoooo~!!!
It is my Valo Alex Broskow, so much highlighted BLUE~!!!
Came with so many free items too.
I bought only the boots, the rest that you see there are all free~!!!

"AB.1" printed on the sexy shiny blue snake skin.

"Valo AB.1"

"valo" on the side.

Memory buckle, in RED.

Snake skin lace holder and Embossed leather.

Quality Italy made,
With well done custom stitching,
And the new improved zebra skin liner.

With Aragon Ground Control Featherlite2 frames,
Which I was looking forward to have them sometimes ago.

Also, the Grindhouse pattern 56mm/90A wheels.

These pair of skates is designed by Alex Broskow,
Apart from all the details,
As what Alex Broskow always believes in,
The little rabbits foot is given with the skate for good luck(I hope so).

As time moves on,
I have to move on as well,
Thanks to the great lemur of Xsjados Chris Farmer 2,
For passing me such a strange power in rollerblading.

Good Luck to me in riding the Valo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

After Working Hours?

I just simply love this skate video,
Because it make me itchy,
Which means making me want to finish work quickly,
and go skate~!!!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kelso's Slidebar; House Basement

Kelso Sliderbar Round III Feat. Austin Paz
Austin Paz on Vimeo.

I'm watching this again,
And again and again and again,
And again again again and again.
How nice if my house is like theirs.

It is a really cool skate video, anyway.
Kelso Brothers are still Kelso Brothers,
The Tip-Top-Tapping tricks are crazy.