Sunday, November 30, 2008

Suicide till The Victory

Barn Burner 7 Crash Section from Jonathan Roulston on Vimeo.

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We may see people standing in a professional position,

But we should see how they risk their lives to win a competition.

Monday, November 24, 2008

He Came, He Saw, He Ciao.

There wasn't much interesting after the party day,
Just normal relaxing days for him to ponder around KL city,
However every morning he must have at least a Roti Canai,
I ordered him an Roti Tisu, which shocked him up like ninja, Haha.
However, Roti Canai with Curry is still his best choice.

Adam went to Berjaya Times Square shopping mall.

And again,
He said he has never seen any shopping mall like this before,
A 10 levels shopping mall with an Indoor Themepark,
Totally freaking him up.

His shopping trip wasn't as bad too,
He saw everything in half the price he saw in England,
So he bought a new pair of Converse for himself,
And one for his so called female friend back in Lincoln.


000025 000027

000024 000023 000026

Since it was a free n' easy day,
I brought him to Asia Cafe thought of introducing him some Asian delights,
But Adam is not a food adventures traveler,
Ended up he invited me to the upper level of Asia Cafe,
For a few pool session.
And damn he was good, I was beaten 4 - 0, such a shame.


I couldn't believe that was the Adam I knew,
He actually invited me to the Karaoke too,
Funny thing was, we sang in a Karaoke Box,
Cost RM1 per song, it was my first time ever been into that box.



For 5 days and 4 nights,
He did not take Roti Canai with Curry for his final breakfast here, but a Mcdonald's breakfast,
He caught a flight back to Bangkok Tuesday morning.
And after almost a week hanging out with my old friend, it was another unforgettable memory.
He said he is coming back here again for sure, because he loves the hot sun,
And everything is super cheap.

It was really glad to see you in Malaysia, Adam.
You came, you saw, you ciao;
I'll be looking forward to your next visit here with Laura...

By the way,
It was Fish Curry that you've been taken every morning with the Indian pancake,
I was about to let you know, but you were loving it so much all the time,
So, I just forgot it, sorry mate, Haha~!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

M83 : Skating is ... ...


What's more do you think skating is... ...
Skating is Art, Skating is Style,
Skating is Performance, Skating is Dance,
Skating can be aggressive, can be speed.
Skating is more than just Sexy.
Skating is LOVE.

Must watch this video till the end.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Night After Melacca Visit

This is what happen after we came back from Malacca,
Adam was brought to see and experience the city of lights in Kuala Lumpur,
Then he finally saw something really impressed him a lot,
He couldn't stop admiring the Twin-Tower & the KL-Tower.

So, I got him closer to the tower,
and he said:"That is MENTAL!!!"
He loves the way the towers lighted up, Hah!

At that night, to him...
Kuala Lumpur was well-cleaned,
And much organized than other countries he has visited,
He wasn't really seen the real thing yet.

When he asked for clubbing,
Was when we were about to bring him to clubbing,
The plan was supposed to be just a chilling night in KL,
Sitting in a beautiful bar with couple of pints, telling story and chit-chatting.






We invited one of our good friends too,
And this is the club she recommended us to come,
She is Xaviera, she said only beers, just chill out there,
Because she has a very very close contact with this club,
We went in Cyna, in the Asian Heritage;
Where her husband, Edward, works there.



This is Xaviera,
At first, she invited us to go there just for a chill out chit chat night,
Apparently, it was actually a great chilling night,
But things just changed after midnight 12am.


Many things happened,
Xaviera's husband bought us few Carls,
Then Adam went crazy spending Ringgit and bought us Carls.
Drinking and shaking whole night.


It was almost the end of the night,
Everybody was still OK, I told Adam that we were going for supper.
When we were on our way to the exit,
Ed invited us to "Just have a look" at the club downstairs,
Before we reached the bar, we got "attacked" by the man,
With lots of alcoholic chemistry mixture cocktail,
I mean lots, seriously LOTS~~~

PB022687 PB022680
The "Going back" was cancelled,
We got stuck in the second club, until everybody went home,
Until the music stopped,
Then only we got a chance to sit down at a mamak stall,
Eating Nasi Lemak as for supper.

. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .

As a conclusion of the night,
Adam was not Malaysian, he thought the second round was the supper and Nasi Lemak was breakfast.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Adam Goodger came to Malaysia


First of all, I would like to introduce everyone my very good friend.
Okay, I know it sound a little weird or somehow very weird,
But I'm doing it anyway,
You'll know why soon or later.

What's so special about this friend is...
He is my very first friend when I was first entered my Uni-accommodation,
Without a sign of direction in Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Without a clue what the country is actually like.

Supported me all the way from time to time,
Voided me from dangerous streets and places,
Guided me to the nearest, cheapest, best supermarket;
Showed me the shortest cut walkway to my Uni building.

After graduation,
He invited me to go visit London,
He meant it and really showing me all around ,
I was there as a tourist and he was the tour guide.

Real name, Adam Goodger;
The name itself spells out his good characteristic.

31st October 2008, 1505,
Adam arrived in LCCT,
It wasn't his plan, I believe it was his idea;
As a bagpacker, he finally came to Malaysia to meet me.

I was excited upon his arrival in LCCT, so took the first shot and thought it was him,
I didn't know how much changes he would be after 4 years,
Finally got him in second attempt, very tall and very skinny, there's Adam.

He is not a very good eater, but he loves chicken curry.
He said he had never tried Indian Pancake before,
So I brought him to Sri Melur for a Roti Telur after LCCT,
"Good Choice, Chong! Really good choice!"
I saw him savored chicken curry like mushroom soup.

While we still have free time before sunset,
I then introduced him the nearest shopping mall to him,
The Sunway Pyramid impressed him upside down,
He said he has never been to any shopping mall like this.

"Chong, I thought it's just a statue instead of shopping mall."

It was easy to bring him around, anywhere that comes to my mind will do,
But it is so difficult to find his "good choice" meal,
So the next day morning, I decided to bring him to Malacca.
Before the journey..
"Chong, should we go for the Pancake again before we leave?"

Arrival in Malacca,
Welcome with a Spooky pose, Haha~!!!

As he likes chicken so much, but not all kind of chickens,
He was asking for chicken that chopped into small pieces that are easy to eat,
The Hainan Chicken Rice Ball of the day eventually turned him on,
"Another good choice, Chong!"

He repeated these couple of times that day, even before bed time...
"How do they make the rice like a ball? It's really nice."
"And the chili was nice too, good choice, mate."

After the Chicken Rice ball for lunch,
Whiteman also fancy a dessert after meal,

"MmmMmm... the blended ice is nice."
After 2 minutes, when the ice started melting..
"Chong, did they put the sweet corns and kidney beans in there?"
"Yup, nice isn't it? That's your order, mate. You ordered that just now."
"Ya I know, but sweet corns and kidney beans in ice-cream???"
"Uh huh..."
"I thought we only serve sweet corn with beef of steak something like that, but ice-cream??"
"Sweet Corns and kidney beans with ice-cream, I can't imagine it..."

After filling up all our stomachs with local food,
It was time for Adam to visit the Malacca.

RedScaleFish015 RedScaleFish016

000030 000031
He's got a t-shirt from jonker street,
And he said the Tee cost him nothing at all.
It's so "heaven-like" to spend Sterling in Malaysia.

Adam is now working as a police officer of Lincolnshire,
He works on shift and catches bad guys almost everyday,
This picture is shot for him to remember the Malaysian Kancil POLIS car.

My Brother and Adam Chatting on the roadside of the Malacca Christ Church under the hot sun.

Adam hasn't seen anything like trishaw before,
He's got one picture to prove himself had been close to it now.


I love this shot and I appreciate the picture a lot,
A very lovely shot of me and Weiwei,
Taken by Adam...
I guess this was his first shot using LCA+ ever,
Not sure when could be his second time.
"Good shot, Adam!"

Visited the A-Famosa too.
He was not really keen or care about what this place is all about,
All he was looking for in Malaysia is Sunshine and Warm breeze,
That's good, because I couldn't tell a simple history of Malacca, Haha!

Adam is a 15 minutes toilet person,
At one time, he couldn't stand valve any longer,
So, he chose the nicest spot to sprinkle his "ChineseTea" as a mark that he's been here.
Come On! Let's go home!