Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Arrival of Xsjado Chris Farmer II

This is what I've been waiting for so long!
And also something I've been dreaming for so long!
Also something I wanted to own a pair for so long!
It's the Xsjado of Chris Farmer II, YEAY!
Finally arrived! Wooooooooooohooooooooo!!!!!

The whole set of them, I mean the skeletons and the footwraps.
I love the design, the colours, the details, and the everything!

The footwraps colours with XSJADO's tropical animals' wordings.
Different designs at both side of a footwrap.

And the inside of Xsjado!
I can't stop loving the wordings like that!

Detail of its front strip!

Haha, and what a lemur too on the cuff!

Now, I just want to express my feeling about what I dislike upon the arrival of my new pair of skates.

The lemur was not heat-on printed, but exactly like a watery-tattoo print on, WTF!

Worst thing is...
It even happened on unpacked the whole box of my skates and put it in with all other accessories in a small box, which scratched away my RIGHT lemur's tail off, GRRRrrrr!!!

And what a wise kind of black colour embroider stitch on such colour of background?
Can you see anything??

Anyway, all I need to do is to forget about all my dislikes, because I could do nothing to bring it back in 100% condition!
By wearing them even without the frames on, I could already do one big backside trick,

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kanna's Wedding

One of my colleague, named Kanna,
A positive minded, and strong working determination engineer.
On the 23rd March 2008,
It was the biggest day for his entire life, his very grand lovely wedding.
I thought bringing my LCA+ along to shoot a whole series of his wedding ceremony, but it only turned out these much, and I don't know why either.

A little kid offering dried corn to represent welcoming.

This is also my colleague, Bala and his Daugther.

There is the smiling face of Kanna, and his father sitting on his left.

And now we can see his beloved wife, Jothi.
Few half-naked guys in front of them were doing some traditional culture procedure of their wedding, I didn't know what were they doing, washing both of their feet, spreading beads and all. Then when everything was done, everybody down stage would have to throw all the dried corn that was given as welcome pack to them.
I don't really understand all their way of proceeding a wedding, but it was a good 1st time experience.

Happy Wedding, Kanna and Jothi.
Enjoy your trip to Bali.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WL33 : ASNH : SASP : Part II

Same day, same place, same time, same people.
Just Part 2 of WL33 : ASNH : SASP.

3 Commanders and Conquerers.

Elmi : Soul Grind;


Edosh : Da Boss;


Eugene : Hello/ByeBye.

Not much shots, but these are results from Fuji PRO160S too.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Result of Fuji PRO160S

Here is one new kind of film I've tried lately, the FUJI PRO160S.
I do not know what is so special about this film, but I truly love the result of it. A little dim mood, quite dark kind of vignette but slightly on the edges only with fine grains. Somehow, its colours are still rich and fresh.
Well, those particular points could make it special enough to me. In fact, this series is a sharing part with those who has never approach this film before.

Wei2 and her new hand phone.

Hiong and her new PSP.

Mr. Chua holding this beloved 'gun'.

Leo showing his new PSP and Jim concentrate DOTA.

Me and Wei2.

Chua again and his 40D.

Kitten in SILVA mamak.

Tzu-zanne after shower.

Key of Life from Egypt.

*All shots are taken by LCA+ camera, ISO200.

Friday, March 21, 2008

WeiYeng's Big Day

19th December 2007, was Yeng's big big day
at KianTi PKJ... ...
I know it was quite long ago,
So sorry, but these pictures are still meant to be shared with everyone!

KianTi PKJ Retro Entrance.

Here are pictures of Yeng and friends...

George and Bala, chilling there.

Yah, friends and family.

They were so in BLue and Harry went steamy, Haha!

Bala and shy Angeline.

Sanjit and Sukeats Chee.

OK, then when Yeng started to get a little bit dizzy.

This was what happened,

So far so good, the girls got what they asked for.
And made Yeng to promise that there would be more for next year.

So make a wish buddy!

Happy Birthday and keep rolling high!

*All shots are taken by LCA+ camera loaded with Agfa Precisa CT100 film.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Split Second & Fingers Work

Weekend skating session continues... ...
Sometimes, we just don't notice some movements that happen in a split second. But if you do, you will notice that everyone has their own secret pattern of being good in doing great tricks.

Here is another series of skating in SASP(Shah Alam Skate Park),
Practicing a 6ft ledge... ...
And so let's enjoy viewing all the split second and the hands work!!!

These are the split second... ...

Edosh going for backside Unity.

Meme going for topsoul, I guess?

Sukeats, hmmmm.. don't really know.

And here we go for the dance,

Oh yeah, Syam is doing ballet.
And also the Shaolin Kong Power!

Sukeats still love his "Balls Catching" fingers work.

Meme's Silat Gayong!!!

Wow... this is... this is... OK, you name it!

Alright, alright, those were just the fun of it. Sorry for taking all these shots, they were accidental shots anyway.

Here are some POP16 shots, click image for larger view.

Sukeats >> Soul Grind.

Edosh >> Frontside full torque.

Meme >> his tapping torques.

That's all folks!