Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tzu-Zanne's Cemetery

Tzu-Zanne left us on the date of 22nd August 2009.
We made her a temporary cemetery like this,
Because the sun set early and the night fell early.

23rd August 2009,
About evening time...

We all decided to make her a better cemetery.
We found that the burial yesterday was not deep enough,
Which could smells a mile away after a couple of days.

So we set up more earth to cover her better...


We also cover up layers of chalks and cements to solidify her whole cemetery,
And put a tombstone for her.

24th August 2009, Morning...
After the rain the night before...

I went back to Tzu-Zanne's gravesite to visit her again,
I couldn't sleep last night, I was worrying what if..

What if strangers saw Tzu-Zanne and thought she is a human baby?
Because the size of the cemetery looks like it.
There must be at least a word to mention she is a Dog,

Thanks for serving us for 11 Years and more,
Thanks for being so cute and cheering us all the time,
We all love you so much, and still love you like always.

Tzu-Zanne, May You Rest In Peace.

The is the last picture we've taken with Tzu-Zanne,
It was my dad's birthday, on the 21st August 2009.

We miss you, Tzu-Zanne.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rest In Peace: Tzu-Zanne, 1998-2009


It was an unexpected incident yesterday,
She was home alone and we were all out to town.
Around 7pm+, I received a call from my brother,
It wasn't a good news at all to me.
"Hooi, Where are you? TzuZanne past away already ... ... ... ... ..."

May you rest in peace,
Your glory will always be with us.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wren recent's photo update

Wren, he is now 4-month-old.
Looking at he growing from time to time,
Started to give more smiling faces to people,
I will always have the feeling of happiness in my heart.

P7242985 P7253118

It is amazing to see how to tries to flip his body on a bed,
Strong boy.

P7263382 P7263364 P7263385 P7263369

Instax056 Instax057
Visiting Wren is always a pleasure that could never be explained,
Something more than just holiday.
We'll see you again soon, Wren.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's our Easy Engagement; 30th July 2009


Love is about sharing, Love is about caring,
Sometimes Love is fighting, and also crying.
Love is happiness, Love is also Sadness,
Love will be what you think you want it always to be.
Love can be how you wish you like it ever to be.
Love is Love.

I do not know how much more I could say,
And honestly, I'm feeling a bit 'weird'...
But, OK, here is the video of my Easy Engagement,
Happened on the 30th July 2009 after we were back from our anniversary dinner.

It isn't easy at all to give Weiwei a surprise,
I did it this time, haha~!!!

See her page on

Happy Engagement to us~!!!

Special thanks to all of you who'd helped through all this.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rollabout presents you "Rollabout Represent"

Finally, I've done my first ever skate short video.
Let Rollabout presents you...

"Rollabout Represent"

It took me a long long time to get it done,
Video editing isn't as easy as I'd imagined before,
But it's definitely very very fun producing the whole video.
Looking at it taking shapes from time to time, that's an excitement.

Although it's just a 5 minutes cut,
Getting the ideas, picking up the footage;
Learning and researching on how to do video editing,
All those had earned me so much of experience.

Here's the credits part,
I know it's kinda bored but I need to do this...
Thanks to all who'd helped, showed, guided and thought me up.

First of all, thanks to the Digital Video Battle which ignites my mind up.
Secondly, thanks to my gf, Weiwei, because that's her video camera, haha!
Followed by Jeepeng, Kahgiap, DickWoei, for powering all my editing skills and techniques.
Then, to all the cameramen; Memen, Edosh, Sukeats & ChongWei.
Lastbutnotleast, to all the rollerbladers for willing to pull out various tricks on screen.

Without all of you guys, this short video will not be made or existed.
Hope everyone would enjoy and love this short video,
And hopefully Rollabout would get recognized as an icon in future.

Once again, thanks for making this happen!