Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Back

Finally, I'm back online.
House modem and router were down for almost a week.
I'm not gone, I've got so so much to post up here.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Night Session with the Grindbox

Rollerblading can be aggressive,
Rollerblading can be fun;
Rollerblading is art,
Rollerblading is dance.

I watch this video again and again, and I can feel that we could do this too.
Shall we?

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

WL33 : ASNH : SASP : Spotlight Session

This time, I'm sharing our very 1st skating session in Shah Alam skatepark, using our own spotlights. And yes, for the very 1st time, the very junior engineer came late. Therefore, the light was not on until he came. Check out the 1st picture of our spotlight, cool huh? Then check out out first session photos..

Oh yeah, Bahrum from Brunei proudly pulled off his power trick. That's all of our 1st session photos. Haha!!

We ended up using car headlights for our very 1st spotlight session.
Why? 1st of all, because our generator fuel tank was empty.
Why was it empty? Because we chose the day when the price of petrol was going up to RM2.70 per litre the day after (Not that we mind about the price, but the queue!!!).
Why didn't we fill the generator tank up before the night fell? Because Sukeats and I were too apathetic to do that.

So we learn the lesson then.

And the following is showing how useful our spotlight is, when Sukeats and Hooi couldn't get their itchiness calmed and when back for the next successful session.

Not bad at all, all pictures were taken under the very dark silent night in the park.

We could move the light to whichever spots we wish to skate.

Although the generator is quite heavy, but still, we did enjoy the skating session.
And we will be doing this a lot for everybody.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

RedBull Power Grind Competition

On the 7th of June 2008,

RedBull Oakley Graffitti
This event was held in Kiara Skatepark, where it was organized and sposored by Redbull and Oakley. The REDBULL POWER GRIND Competition.

I got not much to tell the story but the pictures do,

This is the Wheel Love booth, very very colourful.
It was meant to be LOVE and colourful.

This is Sukeats' tired face when he was there since 11am.

So we took a picture for his great smile.

And here is the arrival of handsome Bala, special appearance.

Always special to see Bala.

Eugene and girlfriend.

Naz, semangat never die.

Still waiting for our run, after loads of JUSTEAs, ISOTEAs, and also REDBULLs.

Two greenishers were interviewed by Redbull girls.

Then finally practice session started for those who can stand the challenge of waiting.

Naz and Local AM agent, Edosh.

This is what we call, friendship.
This is the fun of organizing a competition, gathering.

Senior Poji.

This is Power Grind!!!!!

The game is ours, finally.

And this is the final battle,

Syam, tru-miszou.

Boy, Miszou.

Bahrum from Brunei, Tru-miszou.

Battle is over, let's see who is the winner.

BBQ Dinner, we got 2 big kambing bakar.

Makan after parking.

At that night, Lui took home the name of PowerGrind Champ. He's got lots of goodies from Oakley, Enties, etc. Congratulations Lui!!!

Check out more interesting photos in KJRollers Forum.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

There is always Part II happens in my blog, here is the photos taken by digital camera in The Lost World of Tambum, Ipoh.

I'm not sure which is the BESTest Tauge Ayam Kuetiau in Ipoh town, but this is the one I tried the night before we went to the waterpark. Well, it was really nice to me, not much side comments, just Asian delights.

The next morning, we had finally arrived to the entrance of the park. So WeiWei's sister YenYen was very happy there.

Getting the 'all access' tickets with discounts.

Then hop in the park with excitement. I'm not sure why Yen posed like this in the picture, but I guess she went crazy like never been to a themepark, haha! She is going for the StormRider.

The Swinging Chairs, they named it "Dragon Flight".

Ah hahahaha! Check out this picture. I love this, looks like the makcik behind me is really interested in what I was shooting, and I guess she was trying to look for the LCD screen on my SuperSampler. *LOL*

Then "Tube Raiders".

Waterfall Beach Garden.

And the Big BIG splash!!!

We also hopped in the "Adventure Express" that took us around the whole park, where you could see beautiful scenery behind the park.

And also Tigers. They actually have another baby tiger and allow us to touch or hold it, but it's only on certain time scheduled.

After that, hit back the the Hot Spring again.

For these splashing shots,

Time to leave...

Last shot at the entrance of The Lost World of Tambun.

It wasn't as bad as I expected before. In fact, it was just nice to be there for 2days and 1night, but would be more exploring if going there for 3days and 2nights. I would say that Ipoh is nice and peacful, less of air pollution and less of high buildings like K.L. And it is not very hard to learn the route in and out of town, Old Town and New Town have pretty obvious difference anyway.
That's all about Ipoh, visit Ipoh for food and for relax.
Visit for more information.