Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diana F+ : 1st Roll

WeiWei and Me.


Ah Pek in Melaka.

Night at Jonker Street.

First time holding a Diana F+ camera,
Loading the first medium format film ever;
Shooting 16 instead of 12,
Only 5 turned out, yet not so well.
For my first time of trying it out,
I guess I should be feeling enough of proud.

Ringflash Review : 1st Trial.

"Oh What?? What is that thing?"

Introducing my new special plastic toy,
From Lomographic Society International,
The Ringflash~!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, The Ringflash gives the technicolor effect of wonderland dream.
The most beautiful thing that I like the most is,
Even the shadow is filled with colors.

Trying on Dick & Hiong,
I think the Ringflash is super fun.
In order to get the best result,
I think we need to get as close to the object as possible;
The closer the object, the better the color effect shows up.

Let's try it out... I give this a "WOW~!!!"

Hello there, Tzu-Zanne.
Look... I have new toy.

Yah yah.. I know I spend a lot just on these plastics;
But they are really fun, and they're probably part of my life now.

There are more than just a way to play this toy.
I'll try other techniques, and share with you guys here again.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WL33 in Penang

'Wheel_love in Love Lane"

Wheel love this time had their trip to Penang Island,
For the next coming S4S location survey and some skating session there.
As well as extreme 'makan-makan' session jugak~!!!

Road Trip.
Arrival near Queen's Bay Mall.

...In Penang street.

Fuji Image Plaza...
... and trishaw.

We were there.
If I am present, Lomo ain't going missing at all.
I used my LCA+ with the Splitzer on,
to show what's more interestig and special in Penang.

Then to the youth park...

Hooi, AO soul.

Coollen, Unity on a sweet smooth rail there.

Eugene, soul grind with new pair of Remz.

Sukeats, Unity.

Coollen, royale; Double exposed.

Skaters and Friends in Penang.

Coollen, Cross-grab Rocket Makio.

ChongHooi, Fahverg.

Second day... ...

He said no photos for all our nice food,
because we've forgotten about taking photos of them.

He said no point taking those photos.

I'm just resting,
It's just like my happy holiday.

The trip was great, thanks to Sukeats for feeding us 8meals per day~!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Arrival of some new Plastic Toys

Oh Yes! I've finally got some new lomography plastic toys for free this time, all from my precious delicious piggy points that I've been collecting since the beginning of the year.
I've got the DIANA F+, Ringflash, Wide Angle Slave Flash, and 5 rolls of Lomography slidefilm.

Diana F+ by Lomography,
A loving recreation of the legendary 1960's retro all-plastic camera, comes with a classic design of electronic flash featuring color gel filters for extra exciting range of techniques. Shooting on medium-format films, creating dreamy images, and can be a pinhole camera as well.

This is my first medium-format camera, so I do not have much ideas to use it at the moment, and have already faced some funny problems even when I was loading my first roll of film.

Uh Huh~!!! Uh Huh~?!?
Found something more interesting right?

I haven't got any idea to utilize this toy yet, too. However, I know it definitely helps in the darkness. 4-flash at once, additional with color gel filters as well. Cool right?

This is how it looks like when it's attached on my Diana F+.

On Fisheye2.

And LCA+.

It can also attach to other cameras like Fisheye and Holga.

I've done my 1st roll in Diana F+ and a roll of Fisheye2 with Ringflash, they're still under scanning progress. So stay tuned for the results of my 1st roll, but don't put too much hope on me, because first time might not be the best.