Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Diana F+ : My Experience Review

Diana F+
I bought this camera 2 months ago,
It's a medium format camera,
Mainly shooting 12 or 16 pictures per roll.
However, I've never got more than 8 visible shot every roll,
That's why I dislike about this camera for 2 months.

"My brother on Vulcan"
This is the most shocking result I had so far,
Because it wasn't even sort of like this when I was looking through the viewfinder,
But I just like this shot, maybe it's the surprise that it gives me.

This is one of my favorite shot,
Taken by my friend, Ah moi, during the visit to PCB.

"The Roost"
At first, I find a little failure to create such a big light-leak,
But now I see it as one of a good shot,
With the extra redish-pinkish-orange color, and the reflective of the number "11".

"Kota Tinggi Waterfall"
Long exposure testing.

"Royale on a rail"

This is one of a shot taken from my 1st roll,
I shoot 12 for the setting of 16 shots,
So there is over-layer at the side.
I think that's something special too...

Now, I look at my Diana F+ in a different angle,
I've finally realize it's specialty.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

P-Rail Modification with PVC Pipe


This is another skater for skater post,
I'm going to share with you guys something that I find it quite interesting.
Practice-rail modification, with an additional economical PVC pipe.

I bought a 7ft long 1.5-inch PVC pipe with less than RM10,
Cut out 1cm stripe on on side of the pipe,
then clipped it on my p-rail, as easy as that, 15minutes work.

I have 2 reasons of why I do this modification,
One, because I saw lots of people doing this, and I feel like doing it too.
Two, because I think it is more quiet and do not really have to wax on.

I did it on Monday right after work,
Without even changing my working shirt,
I tried it on straight away.

Check out how it works to me...






I kept on practicing,
This is a lot more better than I expected.
Try it yourself!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

JB EveryLOMOBody Trip 2008; Underwater of Waterfall

After our good morning breakfast, we headed to Kota Tinggi Waterfall.
There were 3 person who supposed to go to work that day,
But as I've said, nothing is impossible for these people,
Ended up everybody joined the waterfall trip, Haha~!!!
You can see from the picture above,
Of how everybody was enjoying their Monday.


Kota Tinggi Waterfall,
This is the top level of the waterfall,
It is beautiful and big; but it's not accessible,
Because it's 30feet deep!!!
You better don't mess with the depth of this water.

Without talking anymore craps...
I think I do not have to write more while pictures showing all the fun we had there.

Let's see what would happen when our people meet the waterfall.

Look at the one on the far left,
Check out Jhunnie's expression,
And do you see there's a body like going in the waterfall...?
The water was super freezing that time.

See what is DickWoei looking at?
Check out Joey's Fisheye Submarine,
And look at Jhunnie again...

The fun...

Just couldn't stop at all.

Until Rice didn't feel like going home,
You stay there then, Haha~!!!

Ronnie, you love this waterfall, do you?

ChongHooi so "high", Whoaooo~!!!

... ...

... ...

... ...

This is how our people look when they're under the water.
Started with Bubble-nose Reinert.

Small-eye Ron with ten10's peace sign.

No-glasses Ed & Giap.

Funny-Edmund and Fishy-Jhunnie.

Fishy Jhunnie and girlfriend, Bubble-smile Eva.

White-Teeth Jeep and Me.

That's Dashing-Hooi.

Joey's Fisheye Submarine;
Jeremy's tight swimwear;
& Visitor-Fishes.

Isn't it good to have an underwater camera?
and That's ME...

... ...

... ...

... ...

Oh yes, it was a nice waterfall trip,
and definitely a memorable fun moment.

... ...

... ...

... ...


Last but not least, we had our early dinner in a seafood restaurant called TODAK Restaurant,
It was a complete seafood dinner,
Crabs, Prawns, Fish, Squids, and all, everything~!!!

Here ends the story of "JB EveryLOMOBody Trip 2008",
It is long and far yet short and close,
It was really a precious trip after all,
Again, BIG Thanks go to Ronnie&Ten1o and Jeremy&Beebee,
For such a great tour, and arrangement and preparation of everything of this trip.

Without you all,
I don't think we(KL people), will get the opportunity to visit the pineapple farm and Tg. Piai,
It's too hard for us to find those location, so thanks a lot!

Lomobody Rocksss~!!!!

J.B. EveryLOMOBody Trip; A Good Morning Monday

The night before... ...
Everybody went too excited, too much alcoholic drinks and too tired and sleepy...
Photobucket Photobucket
As what was planning, we were supposed to have another visit to a Vegetable Farm,
So we had no choice but to cancel the visit as nobody could wake up early on the next morning.

However, nothing could stop crazy people like us,
A group of friends that never keep themselves idling too long.

Because we had our breakfast in a Kopi Tiam,
They were about to close shop already.

But about 20 of us went in the shop and sat down and started to order our breakfast,
Making the uncle and his staffs back to very very busy time.

Beebee and sister enjoying the breakfast.
Jhunnie was looking for his handphone, and Eva giving a good morning smile.
Jeepeng and Edmund busying taking photos.
Jeremy looking how enjoying Chann having her breakfast.
Chann showing how delicious her breakfast to Jeremy.

Yunc making friends with Uncle's regular customers,
They ended up asking Yunc's number and house address in KL,
So that they could go to KL to visit us. =)

Uncle was shocked how full his Kopi Tiam was,
We occupied almost the whole shop and almost all tables.
The shop is normal, but the Roti Bakar and Half boiled eggs were superb,
Maybe we were too hungry, but it was seriously a good morning.

When our stomachs were all full,
It was when we were ready for the Kota Tinggi Waterfall.