Sunday, January 20, 2008

Colossal Statue of Ramses II in Memphis, Cairo

The first thing we did once the arrival in Cairo was,
having our delicious Egytians' BBQ chickens lunch,
Marinated with their herbs and spices,
then cooked with fresh peppers and onions.

Caviar Restaurant, a beautiful restaurant.

After that,
We then drove to Memphis,
One of the oldest cities on Earth.
Legendary Memphis was the capital of te ancient Egypt throughout the old kindom.
There we could we the colossal Statue of Ramses II, The temple for Embalming the Scared Bull, Apis and the Alabaster Sphinx.
As you scroll down, you would notice that,
The Statue of Ramses II is so so huge!
And I really love the statue... WOW~~~

* 2 Shots above are taken by Lomo Horizon Camera.
And here is the Colossal Statue of Ramses II.

Here the tour guide was explaining the broken statue beside him, "As you can see the statue beside me, he is very fat. It means he was a very very rich king last time."

* Shots by LCA+ camera.
My mom was so much more excited than me when she saw the statue.

Every single details that was carved has their meanings or represents.
The crown, the cobra on the crown, the straight forward false beard...
The encient signs of something protective in their beleives.
The sword, the belt, the name as well. Everything...
* Shots taken by Digital Camera.
It is huge isn't it?
Next, the Alabaster Sphinx is one interesting statue as well, which was placed in Memphis as well.
It was old enough since it is B.C.
The Alabaster sphinx of Amenophis II.
Largest of the extant sphinxes carved from a SINGLE block and it once flanked the entrance of the Temple of Ptah.
4.5m high and 8m long.

It was funny that time because Ayman guided us the story too quickly and if you attempt to listen to the story, you would miss your chance to shoot pictures.
As a result, I didn't know what this statue's name neither its story. Just the pictures, Haha!
Ayman told us that he promised the next location he was bringing us to would be many times more interesting than Memphis.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Doubles with Vicuna

If I were to tell the entire story about my expeirence in Egypt, I bet everyone will stop reading my blog someday.
So, I've decided to include something that I've done lately, which is what I am supposed to do.
Alright, when come to talk about Lomography, it is going to be BIG, sometimes.
Recently, I had a film swapped with a lomo friend, a very good lomographer,
Vicuna from a place called Nice in France.

He chose AgfaPhoto PrecisaCT100 film,
He did his 1st shooting in Nice, France;
Then I did the 2nd layer of shooting in Malaysia.
It was my first time doing the Doubles, and I like the results.
Let's check it out!

Both of us used the LCA+ cameras to did all the shots!
That's what I'm talking about LOMO!
Thank you, Vicuna! For making this happen!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Journey to Cairo City

After the Alexandria visit, we the headed to the capital of Egypt, Cairo.
We went there by a tourist bus, and I snapped everything that I find it interesting.
On our way to the big city of Cairo!
*2 shots above are taken by Lomo LCA+ Camera.
Here started the long long highway, I shoot as we move along,
I didnt even know where were we, but I could totally see how some of their people live in the wild wide dry sandy big dessert.
It was dried and the houses were even unfinished.
However I still could the the TV satelite.
The beauty of Egypt is still the bright blue sky with the least clouds floating around.
After the 3 hours' journey from Alexandria.
Maybe not many people know that the 3 biggest and most famous pyramids could be seen from the road in the town, but here are they... Clearly seen from the road.
Now let's observe the Faces of Cairo.
Starting with their life style,
With how they earn for their living.
For them,
Not every kids has an opportunity to go to school.
Here are some shots of some poor and rich sides of Cairo,
River was polluted.
Buildings are quite old, but some of them are rich too.
Here are shots of the rich sides of City Cairo.
Cairo is a pretty city.
The is the Cairo Tower, and the world famous Nile River.
Taxis in Cairo city are painted in black and white,
whilst taxis in Alexandria are painted in black and yellow.
And they have several types of transportation,
Cars of course.
And animals like Camels, donkeys, and horses that are still widely use as either transportation or tourist attraction purposes.
Huh~~~ What a nice country to visit.