Saturday, January 31, 2009

Celebrating 25 Years Of The Lomo LC-A With Us!

For the first time of Lomography Society International,
Celebrating such a big event for the LOMO LC-A.
You will find many things that are really interesting to read.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bukit Tabur; Climbing and Hiking

Here I am sharing some other photos of Bukit Tabur again,
Because, it was my very beautiful hiking trip there,
And the weather of me went up there was really good,
We'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

BktTabur237 BktTabur232
Hiking Malaysia's longest rock ridge is definitely a challenging part of life.
9 of us took the challenge,
Only 4 guys, but 5 girls.

It was real beautiful place to relax under the clear blue sky.

But I did not means it isn't risky up there.

Just don't think of whatever negative facts.

Instead, just do it!


My favorite part of hiking this hill is the wild jungle path,
All the way before we reach the first peak.

Sit down amongst the greens,
Watching panoramic natural scenery,
To catch songbirds flickering nearby,
And eagles cruising the currents on the air.

BktTabur224 BktTabur204
BktTabur214 BktTabur228



Enjoying, certainly enjoy.
Keep alert and make sure you make a safe footing on then ledges.
You could enjoy the one-of-a-kind hiking experience.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bukit Tabur; Good Morning Jungle

On the 18th January 2009,
It was my second visit to the Bukit Tabur,
And this time, I had a totally different experience from my previous visit.
Firstly, I came with more friends,
Secondly, I saw a completely different view of this hill.

Our time of meeting was 7am morning,
Sounds like it was a plan,
Sounds like a damn 'Rush-minute' plan.

Well, the plan was actually planned 5hours before.
It was really a risky and sleepy hiking trip,
However, it was worthy every step we hiked on.
You will know why as you read on.

Without doubt,
This is absolutely a breathtaking site for life relaxation,
And for getting far far away from the busy hectic life down there.

Over view the whole city of KL,
Instead of smell the polluted air and sniffing carbon monoxide,
Here, all I could hear was just 'Jungle'
And smells so 'Nature'.

It was a beautiful morning,
Where it was just the right time to say "Hello" to the Sun.
Not 100% getting into the wild yet,
But was more than enough for people like me.

Chilling on top of the hill viewing the spectacular landscape of the Klang Gate Dam,
Sunny and Windy, Warm and breezy;
Which we gave that as an excuse to rest there forever.


Reaching not the last peak but on the way to the second peak,
Not because we were tired or exhausted,
We decided to turn back down due to some time delayed,
And there was a quite serious accident occurred in front.

Anyway, no one felt bad or disappointed about not reaching the top,
It was a satisfactory hiking trip, too.

Everybody thinks it was a great experience exploring this hill...

So, Bukit Tabur... ...
We are definitely coming back again.

Stay tune for more pictures coming up soon...

Not Just Skating: 002

Vault #1: Valo EU Summer 07 from Themgoods on Vimeo.

Techniques and Creativity,
Creativity and Work;
Work and Skating;
Skating and Travelling,
Travelling and Enjoyment;
Enjoyment and Relaxation.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Negative Effect by D1Production

the Negative Effect

After the GiaGiaKuaKua Lo-Fi Camera & Exhibition,
D1Production has worked out with his crews and partners,
And came out with a documentary about "樂魔 The Negetive Effect".

The site is now officially activated and is welcoming everyone to visit.
Where Analogue meets Digital, and Digital meets Analogue, etc.
Trailer of the documentary will be out soon,
And I believe the full version of the whole "Lomomentary" will be published this year.

Visit web blog of

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not just skating

Visuals Episode #2 ; Romania

It's not about just skating sometimes,
It's also enjoyment to more places and traveling.
I just simply love this video,
I feel the freedom that I actually needed.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bukit Tabur; Rainy n Misty

29th December 2008,
This is where I was,
I went to Bukit Tabur to get myself away from the city,
Far away from work, I just wanted to breathe with empty mind,
Thinking of nothing but to reach to the peak of this hill.


It was raining when we arrived the hillside, 7am.
We were 50/50 to decide whether to go for it or not,
Well, we decided to take a special opportunity of this rainy trip up.
Wet, slippery, cold and misty...
Definitely adventurous than normal.


Bukit Tabur has 4 tip-peaks, the furthest one consider the end of a hiking trip.
The trip went harder as we moved from one peak to another,
The challenge was seriously out of my expectation,
It really wasn't as easy as I thought.

It isn't just as simple as jungle trekking,
But many vertical rocks to climb as well.
With no strings attached, it was very very challenging.
We saw a shocking accident fall right in front of our eyes,
That girl was saved by just a single tree blocking her from going into nowhere.

On our way up,
My brother told me that there is one special dog of this hill,
It used to followed many hikers up and down here,
I was shocked to hear about a dog, so I named it "Hero".

We met hero when we were about to hit our second peak.
Hero followed us all the way till the second peak,
What is more shocking was that Hero moved faster than us.


We finally reached the final peak,
But that doesn't mean you could catch a spectacular view from there.
Bukit Tabur is famous for the Gombak Forest Reserve and Klang Gates Dam are just beside the hill,
Few peaks will offer a great view of the dam,
We chose a misty day to climb, so I did not have any picture of both the Forest and Dam.


Not much scenery to see at the last peak,
All I got were spider webs with water droplets, and some trees views.
We just saw hundreds of beautiful spider webs when we were near the peak.
They made us feel a weird kind of nervous too, because that means there are lots of jungle spiders.
Haha! It was beautiful anyway.



It was going back time,
We used another jungle path to go back down instead of going backtrack.



Totally jungle trekking,
With minimum vision of path.
It was really nice to feel the contact with various plants,
But you got to be careful of those hungry leeches!!!

Special THANKS to Benjamin for being such a good instructor.
He is a professional climber.
Without him guiding us the right method of climbing,
Our trip wouldn't be as good and smooth.

It was an extreme and most meaningful trip for my holiday,

Here are more pictures...









I will certainly go come here again, Bukit Tabur.