Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HOOI is Riding for Wheel Love & XSJADO


It's been a long waited and it's always been a "daydreaming" thing to happen...
Hooi's finally got himself involved in playing a role for Wheel Love & XSJADO.
Hooi is not really a good rider, and not yet a professional skater.
And this is me right here, I'm Hooi~!!!

Big shout out to Wheel Love, the Conference & XSJADO.
Thanks for choosing me as part of your organization.
Thank you~!!!

Here is my first short edit riding for Wheel Love and XSJADO,
Hope you guys like it.

Skating is all about self-satisfaction and fun,
Whether we love it or not,
From skaters to skaters; Fans to haters,
We should always stay as ONE to grow our rollerblading community!
We should to get Malaysia Rollerblading scene be recognized internationally!

Thank you for supporting.

Please visit HERE also.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kendama Outdoor


This is a video to represent something to "Yume Fabrika" brand from Edosh.
I took my Kendama out for an hour to collect some footage
And made a simple edit with some simple tricks.
Hope you guys like it.

First experience on VSLR video shooting,
First time HD video editing, took a lot my time to figure out how to make the images runs smoother,
but ended up this is what I can do best.
First time Kendama outdoor in Singapore,
Many first time lah.
Sorry for the over-exposed and many mistakes,
I wish to do better in future, so please comment..