Thursday, November 29, 2007

See What HORIZON Can Do?

After physically introducing the Horizon Perfekt,
Let's see what the machine does?
It was my 1st time using Horizon ever!
I am satisfied with my 1st roll!

*All images can be clicked for higher resolution view.

This is my favourite of this roll. The best one!

This is my 1st shot ever using Horizon Perfekt.

And some out door evening shots.

Cloudy day, using the neutral filter, but I do not see the difference.

And some night shooting.

Dick and Xiang tried up to flash themselves as the lens rotate to their position.

Dick tried up the movement effect, which is nice too.

When we really get the setting right, Depth of Focus will be perfekt!
Just like this shot, not bad huh?

And here are some randoms.

As I experience and play around with this machine,
I find it not easy to catch the exact correct point of focus,
Neither the accurate light exposure;
However, I think all the rights and wrongs give a different love,
The paranomic view is just fantastic to look into.
Hopefully everyone enjoy my 1st roll of Horizon shots.
Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Close-Up with 120° Swing-Lens Machine

Happy Special Day, is the day of the arrival day of my most ever dreaming camera.
She's a hard black solid body but a soft chubby look,
She's made from the loves and hands of Russians,
She's a Lomography Premium categoried camera,
She's capable to shoot paranomic with 120° wide angle,
She has the aperture range from f/2.8mm - f/16mm, with focus features,
She also has the shutter speed range from 1/500sec. - 1/2sec,
She's driven by the amazing whisper quiet clockwork Swing Lens.
She's beyond the high technology,
She's working in fully mechanical without battiries.
She is my Dream 120° Horizon Perfekt,
I'll call her my "Black Pearl".

So chubby chubby.

Nicely packaging.

With her original label seal.

Born in totally original home of lomo's mother factory.

Absolutely Love that comes all the way from Russia.
And it's a Lomography Premium Camera.

120° Paranomic Shots, and this is the view from her viewfinder.
That's right, with all kind of 35mm films,
she is creating your rolls with nice series of 24x58mm paranomic pictures.

Aperture setting range from f/2.8mm - f/16mm.

Shutter speed variables, from 1/500sec. - 1/2sec.
Just follow your feeling and experience it.

Her whisper quiet clockwork Swing Lens.
Her 2.8mm Russian lens, which only shows off when you make a shot.
Whispering SHHHhhhhooooooooozzzt!
And her pretty face of lomo girl.
Capturing beautiful paranomic 120° wide angle shots.
No Batteries!!! Which is another special feature too.

Comes with a leather case, and the hard covered HORIZON collection book.

She is the Horizon Perfekt.

This is not a dream anymore!
I really do appreciate what I'm having now.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Arrival of Dreaming 120° Horizon Perfekt

On the 19th November 2007, which was one of my most happiest and special day in my entire life; because it was the day of the arrival of my dreaming 120° Horizon Perfekt!!!

I checked the DHL tracking back to one night before, I knew it was gonna be tomorrow.
I was so excited until I couldn't sleep that night.

On the 19th, here comes the tomorrow from yesterday.
This is what I saw when I reached home and opened the door of my room.
It was a parcel from Lomography!

*Click image for CRAZIMATION view.
I went god damn crazy right away, and got out of control.
I couldn't hold myself to calm down.
I was too excited.

*Click image for CRAZIMATION view.
Take a look at the way I opened up the parcel, I just couldn't wait to see my beloved brand new dreaming ever 120° Horizon Perfekt Russian Lomo Camera.
Yup! There was an invoice...
There was a suprising Horizon Original Leather Case from Tina!
There was the long long Horizon box!!
And the last box was the HORIZON camera box!!!
And the last piece was the long long HORIZON original hard covered!!!!

*Click image for CRAZIMATION view.
Alright, this is it!
Let's open it up!
Hmmm.. nicely packed!!! Exciting huh!!!

*Click image for CRAZIMATION view.
And here it is...................
*Click image for CRAZIMATION view.
My dreaming 120° Horizon Perfekt!!!
It's not dream anymore, it's real, it is Real!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Special Day

A happy day creates a happy way,
Excitement feeling running through my vain;
All I could see are stars of craziness,
I am unable to control my Happiness;
And not allowed to explain the happy curse,
Because again it will accelerate my nerve;
What and why am I so like that?
I feel like I'm flying very High,
I share as I am meant to be here to share;
Oh why? No Why! But I will let you know,
The truth of the happiness moment will soon to be proved.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Xhibition Collabration Project 2007

Last year in 2006, they had this fun, happy, excited, superb, happening exhibition.

And for this year, Thank god they come back again! With the Crossover concept!
So if you do not want to miss your chance to see how does a camera works without LCD display, or to see music which is not coming out from your iPod, or to see who is doing the design around you. You would have to come to support this event, or you'll be regreted for the rest of a year. Ladies and Gentlemen, you are all invited to......

The X-hibition Collabration Project 2007.

*Click image for larger view size.

We promise you'll surely have fun there and get to experience more, See you there!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SuperSampler [The Arrival & The Happiness]

Back to 8th August 2007, it was the date of the arrival of my 1st ever lomo camera. It's a weird camera, it's a camera that shock out strangers in a funny way; it has more than a lense. I can't believe I would had it in my life, but what can I say? She changes my life!

Proudly present... The Queen of all multilensed cameras, The SuperSampler.

That's right, more than just a lense.

Size of 6.5cm (2.5") x 3.25cm (1.25") x 10.15cm (4").

Functioning easily with fully mechanism support.

1, 2, 3, 4 you.. SuperSampler.

No, no, no batteries are needed to function.

Lots of "dot, dot, dot..." Sampling emboss.

It's from the Lomography, Yeah! Green light!

It's black! It has Two speeds available, which are 4 photos in 2 seconds (.50sec/photo) or 4 photos in 0.2 seconds (.05sec/photo).

It's rubber-body!! It smells nice though.

And now for 1 shot, you'll get a series of four razor-sharp sequential panoramic images.
Loading next frame by pulling the patented "rip-cord winder," and SHO-O-O-O-T.
That's all folks!

And here are some shots of the first roll of me first time ever snapped pictures by a lomo camera:

These are the results of what the camera has done!
It was a happy day because that was also my first time of lomo shooting and lomo outing session!