Tuesday, March 31, 2009

28th March 2009; Congratulations Keat & Ni

28th March 2009,
Another great day of my good old friend.
Oh YuenNi,
Has finally registered with his lovely YeeKeat.
Congratulations to both of you,
And may both of you love forever and ever ever~!!!








. . . . . .

Friendship started since 1997,
And without realizing the time is quick enough,
It's already 2009 now, while we still knowing each other as 1997's.
Your smile, your laugh, your voice, and you jokes,
Are all still remains original.
Once again,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Instax Fever; Instant Dream come true!

My 1st Instax shot by Mamiya

2 posts back, I was crazy about the Diana Instant Back+,
Today, thanks to.. should I go for Kelvin, then Jhunnie? Or..
Angex is the hardcore creative person in this.

This doesn't mean I'm not crazy about the Diana Instant Back+,
Just that I'm not as extreme as before,
Because there are people out there giving out tips of doing the Instant shots,
By using NOT Instant cameras, but TLR, Diana, HOLGA, etc.
Any medium format cameras should do.
And here is my first attempt using the Mamiya RB67.
Tell me how great is this!
An instant shot with powerful Depth Of Field??

Alright... How do I do it?
Here is the cut and paste from the original creator..

1. Open the film outer package.

2. In the dark place, gently push to black protective plastic out

3. Gently push the first film out. Remember the side towards you (the black side, or the back side of the film)
is the light sensitive side for exposure.

4. Put the film into your camera film chamber, with the exposure side facing the lens.

5. Close the film chamber, now ready to shoot! The ISO speed of instax mini is 800.

6. After taking your photo, go back into dark place.
Take the film out. Use a roller to squeeze the developer chemicals out and roll over the entire film area.
Always squeegee away from the developer side (the thicker side toward the white stripe).

7. Now you can turn on the light wait for the image to appear!

Try it yourself, you'll be addicted.
Then don't come back and blame me, Oopss!!!

Once again, thanks to all instructors out there~!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】; Promo Video

D1 Production has finally came out with the Promo Video of 【樂魔 the Negative Effect】.
It was held in Stantion 1 Restaurant last Saturday,
And was surprisingly receiving a good respond from friends and crowd.
You guys can enjoy the promo video at the moment first,
Full documentary video to be out soon, 6th June 2009.

Check out http://lomodocumentary.blogspot.com/ for more information,
And to see more on the progress of the production.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Diana Instant Back+ by Lomography

Diana Instant Back

Mayday! Mayday~!!!
I'm drowning, what am I looking at?
It is the extraordinary alienated Diana...
With the Instant Back??!?!?!??!?!?
I think this is not a very good news, I hate lomography!
But I think this is a very very good news too, I Love you, Lomography~!!!!!
GOsh!!! I hate to say this, but I swear I am getting it~!!!

Why should I???
Ya, why should I get it???

Because it has full range of the Diana+ accessories,
Which includes the blurry effect and vignette,
It is also complies the exact focus range of Diana original DOF.

Because, you could be one of the fastest one to see you pinhole shot,

Also because, you are going to have double exposure shots,
INSTANTLY, too~!!!

And colorsplashing and lights crafting effects to see,

Applies the fisheye lens for some fishy shots..

Or wide-angle lens...
and see it INSTANTLY~!!!
And more and more and more and more, and all INSTANTLY~!!!

Crazy huh???
Well, I am crazy enough right now,
I don't know, I just love it~!!!
So, why shouldn't I get it?

Check out more 'irritating' information in,
Last but not least,
Do not blame me in any circumstances when you found your pocket is loosed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rollabout.blogspot.com; Now online~!!!


Alright, so now the blog is officially online,
Rollabout is...
Sounds like Roundabout,
Roll from one place to another,
Rolling about local streets and skateparks.
So, the concept name of 'Rollabout' came out from Edosh's mind,
Interpreting all of us, are riding our skates not only in the skateparks,
But also traveling around.

Just as simple as that,

Roll on~!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Waropoj Boonnim; Note

Worapoj Boonnim, Usd VII Skate Test from Worapoj Boonnim on Vimeo.
via: Rollernews.com

It's been a while since Warapoj Boonnim came to KL City,
Yup, aka Note! One of the most talented inline skater in Asia and now "In-ternational"!
I didn't get to meet him when he came,
But check out the style he moves in action in his 'home' skatepark in Thailand.
And some still shots in Bahrum's facebook,
That's all I've got so far.
Congratulations to NOTE for officially an USD Rider.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】


"The Negative Effect"
Finally ready to be on screen soon.
More information at http://lomodocumentary.blogspot.com/

See you there!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Giă Giá Kuà Kuă; Behind The Scene

Here is my very first time editing a video clip ever,
Hope all of you will enjoy the clip,
And hope to get more comments,
Because I'm just a beginner!

Sorry about the picture quality,
I'll try my best to refine it in my next video.

Let's go Giă Giá Kuà Kuă,
But it's Behind The Scene.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"SnowWhite" Street Skating

Sean Knight and DP - Monthly Edit #5 - February from sean knight on Vimeo.
via: Rollernews.com

It's a beautiful super white day,
Strong sun with freezing ground,
But these boys out there are skating no problem at all.
I love the style they skate,
Strong and Power, Smooth~!!!
They are SeanKnight and DP.
Enjoy the video, it's really nice.